Our Services

Supporting You At Every Level

Our placements encompass your entire organization including operations, engineering, finance, sales, HR, and even general management positions such as boards of director assignments.

Senior Level

We understand that finding your next top-level executive is a big decision. We work together to outline your needs and find the best candidate and ultimately the right person to grow your organization.

Mid Level

We provide our clients customized solutions and work closely with your recruiting teams to attract top talent for mid-level positions in sales, finance, marketing, operations and engineering management space. These positions have become increasingly competitive as contingent and online recruiting is no longer an effective solution.

Holden Richardson Career Publishing

Holden Richardson Publishing Services provides career-related content and white papers for use in educational publications and career centers, as well as to business and trade publications. This content provides readers with career transition news, professional career advice, and trend lines in functional employment demands.

Veterans Assistance

We also believe in giving back to those who have given so much to our country, values, and freedom. Under the guidance of our own Danielle Sanzi, Major, USMCR, we are working with organizations such as Warriors for Life/Marine for Life and Bunker Labs. These organizations help veterans find jobs or start companies, and we will help veterans design their resumes and job search strategy. We are delighted to be involved in this initiative.


When we work with your company, all of your employees are "off-limits" to us for as long as our partnership exists. We're committed to your company and our partnership. We manage client relationships so we don't work for your toughest competitor. If a pre-existing relationship exists, you'll be informed so you can decide what's best for your company.